Child Care Healthís Instagram Account

On 2012 Thanksgiving Instagram celebrated itís busiest day ever. Just when the ďexpertsĒ predicted that Instagram might not be growing at a record rate anymore they were proven wrong. Instagram gains popularity day after day and one of the primary reasons for the networkís success is how active Instagram users are. A representative from a Chicago SEO Company that offers a service to buy real Instagram Followers or buy Instagram likes told us that out of all social media networks available today, including giants like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram has the most active user base they have ever had experience to work with, in fact the user base is so vivid that itís unfair to draw comparisons. In his opinion the quality of current user base is the key factor of Instagramís success and the main reason new users get hooked to the network so easily. Child Care Health opened its Instagram account recently and we can attest that user interaction on this social media network is beyond anything else we had experienced before.

Smartphones + Visuals is the winning formula. Instagram took the Popularity & success of Pinterest & delivered it in the hands of smartphone users. What can be more viral than bombarding great images with like & comment notifications directly to a personís phone? Itís so simple itís pretty much ingenious!

Will there be better networks then Instagram in future? Of course. The industry is ever evolving & innovations arenít likely to stop pouring in, but today getting yourself on Instagram can be a rewarding experience. Get on it & start gaining some followers now.

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